If you are producing printed material for the first time we understand it can be a little daunting. We are always here to advise and help. Our advice is FREE! Below we have give a short list of basic tips to help get you started.


Leave plenty of time for design and print of your project

Have a look online at other similar projects for inspiration or clever ideas

Proof read any text you are sending before you send it. Changes can be unduly stressful and take time

Proof read the text again before sending

Gather together any photos, logos, graphics or awards, making sure you have permission to use them

Prepare a brief outline of what you would like. Colours, style, size etc. Also include things you don’t like

Take our advice. Its free and we have a lot of experience to share.


Don't leave things to the last minute

Dont ‘borrow’ images from the internet without the owners express permission

Avoid using social media images as the quality is too low for printed material

Smartphone cameras are great but need to be set to highest quality resolution. The factory setting is usually set to low resolution

Avoid using editing apps for photos such as PicCollage, Canva, PicMonkey etc. Again, their resolutions are too low for printing

Keep photos as separate files - once placed in Word or other applications they loose quality

Avoid plagiarising another organisations work. They tend to get a little annoyed.

Got a query regarding your print job that's not covered above? Get in touch we will be happy to help

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